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Wedding Gowns

We are very sorry to say since January 2020 we are not making any custom 1 of 1 designs wedding gowns any longer. We only sell the designs available on the website.

See some cost effective wedding gown fabrics options here.


If you want a quote on a custom piece please email us at KimiKouture@gmail.com with:
• A picture or drawing or description of what you would like
• Fabric Color
• Height
• Bra size
• Pant Size
• Shipping Address
• Event Date


Once we receive pictures and measurements we can give an accurate quote.


Since it is a one of a kind piece it may require alterations… please try to order a minimum of 6 weeks in advance so you have time to try the piece on and complete any alterations if necessary. We do offer 100% free alterations.



Bridesmaids Gowns


Here are estimated prices for floor length brides maids gowns. If you would like something very complex just email us at customercare@kimikouture.com


Spandex (all same dress, same color)

  • 3+ $299 each
  • 5+ $269 each
  • 7+ $249 each


Sequins (all same dress, same color)

  • 3+ $399 each
  • 5+ $359 each
  • 7+ $339 each


Spandex (all different dresses, same fabric)

  • 3+ $369 each
  • 5+ $339 each
  • 7+ $299 each


Sequins (all different dresses, same fabric)

  • 3+ $489 each
  • 5+ $439 each
  • 7+ $399 each


Please see spandex and sequins fabric colors below:

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