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Custom Clothing

NOT accepting any more 1 of 1 custom designs at this time. Might resume 1 of 1 customs after November. Send an inquiry in December if this page on the website indicates we are resuming doing 1 of 1 custom designs again. For now only the few hundred styles on the website are all that is available.

We are very happy to say we proudly make customized gowns, wedding gowns, maternity gowns and bridesmaids gowns frequently and we would love to make a one of a kind custom gown for you. Our custom gowns start at $599+


Please note: We can only do gowns (prom dresses, wedding gowns, etc) ... because the lengthy amount of hours of time it takes to make a new pattern, source for materials, create a prototype from scratch.


If you want a quote on a custom piece please email us at KimiKouture@gmail.com with:
• A picture or drawing or description of what you would like
• Fabric Color
• Height
• Bra size
• Pant Size
• Shipping Address
• Event Date
• Budget


Once we receive pictures and measurements we can give an accurate quote.


Since it is a one of a kind piece it may require alterations… please try to order a minimum of 6 weeks in advance so you have time to try the piece on and complete any alterations if necessary. We do offer 100% free alterations.


We really hope we get to make a custom one of a kind gown for you. Look forward to hearing from you!


Please note: We can break up payments if a client requests it, it would have to be a minimum of $250 each payment. We will not be able to make the pattern, start the gown, sew the gown, or ship it until it is paid in full. Deposits are 100% non-refundable.


See some wedding gown fabrics options here.

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